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  • Italian Police Tribute Band 1



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Italian Police Tribute Band 1

This Italian Police Tribute Band is a stunning live tribute to The Police, one of the most important rock bands of the 70's and 80's. At the height of their career they were one of the biggest bands in the world, had a string of massive worldwide hits and became global superstars. In 1982 The Police received the Brit Award for Best Group in the UK, whilst in the US they were ranked the first most played band on American radio in the 1980's.

Italian Police Tribute Band show

This Italian Police Tribute Band offers two hours of intense energy and adrenaline, those who listen to them soak in the typical sound of Sting and The Police, a mix of reggae, punk and rock. They capture all the energy and excitement of a Police gig, with fabulous songs, a great front-man, superb musicianship and lots of audience involvement. The result is a rich and powerful sound, in line with "The Police Reunion Tour of 2007" without losing the sound characteristics of the 80 '.

Italian Police Tribute Band recognition

The band is getting great appreciation in Italy. It was selected as the best tribute band nationwide. In November the band had the honor to play with Henry Padovani (founding guitarist of the band The Police with Stewart Copeland and Sting). This special tour has been included on Sting’s website. On November 17th, this Italian Police Tribute Band was held at the “Roxy Bar” telecast with Henry Padovani for a special music event.

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