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Godsmack Tribute Band 1

This Godsmack Tribute Band was formed in late 2008. Originally a rock cover band playing a variety of music, from the 80's to modern. After numerous comments from fans that they sounded almost identical to "Godsmack" when one of their songs was played. After this, the band changed directions and worked towards being a tribute band and changed its name.

Godsmack Tribute Band show

After their first show as a tribute band, they were amazed at how many people were showing up to their shows for being such a new band on the music scene. They continued to play the local night club and bar scene and their fan base grew even larger, it seem to have a snowball effect and they were becoming somewhat of a local "Phenomena" This Godsmack Tribute Band was being invited to open for national acts at some of the larger concert venues around town.

Godsmack themselves took notice to us and at one point, thought they had posted their music on their webpage and were playing it off as their own. Needless to say they were contacted by one of their representatives and told that they would be sued for copyright infringement if they continued. One of the members spoke to the representative and verified to him that they had actually recorded their own demos and not used any of their recordings. Soon after, they received an apology from Godsmacks rep. Drummer for Godsmack Shannon Larkin actually emailed them and complimented the band on how close they sounded to Godsmack. After this, they realized that this tribute band had unlimited potential. This Godsmack Tribute Band continued to play the clubs and local bars as well as opening for national acts and they were even asked to play private and corporate parties.

Godsmack Tribute Band sound

This band has worked extremely hard to capture the sound and energy that Godsmack is known for at their live shows. The band has decided to step everything up a notch and move towards Casino shows and larger national venues. If you are a fan of live high energy music that Godsmack is so well known for, then you won't want to miss this Godsmack Tribute Band.

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5 responses to “Godsmack Tribute Band 1”

  1. Theresa James says:

    I can attest to the fact that Bret, the leader singer, is very gifted and talented, and yes, it is uncanny on how he sounds just like Sully on many tunes. I was fond of the original line up back in 2008 when I first began following the band, but Tony, the guitar player is extremely talented as well. I would recommend seeing this band live if you enjoy Godsmack music. As a side note, Bret sings Creed songs very well too!!! ENJOY!!!

  2. Fan says:

    My friends and I have seen these guys live many times and hands down, they bring it… I’ve seen and heard many tribute bands live, most are close or ok, these guys are by far one of the best tributes around. I wasn’t really wasn’t a fan of Godsmack, but after seeing and hearing these guys, I was hooked. I saw them a couple of months ago open for L.A.Guns and for not even being the headliner, they were the highlight of the whole show. I would highly recommend you go to one of their shows and see what I mean… I give them 5 Stars…One of the best out there.

  3. Fan says:

    Definitely “One of the Best Tributes out there” 9 out of 10. 10 Being the real thing. They are the next best thing to seeing Godsmack live. “These Boys Rock!!!”

  4. Fan says:

    I love this band. These guys are talented. They can really get the crowd rockin’. Saw them at The Marquee a couple of years back, when they played with The Atomic Punks. Godsmack would be proud. Keep up the great music guys.

  5. Maria says:

    Love, love, love these guys! If you like Godsmack, you will not be disappointed!
    And if you don’t love Godsmack, they will turn you into a fan!

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