Blues Brothers Tribute Band 1

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Blues Brothers Tribute Band 1

Simply the best Blues Brothers Tribute Band on the planet! Purely authentic and the most realistic rendition of the legendary characters of Joliet Jake (John Belushi) and Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd): The Blues Brothers. This show brings back memories of the hit movie as they duplicate all aspects of the music and fun of the original Blues Brothers. The show has "grooved"audiences over the past 10 years with excitement and flair that has crowds singing, dancing and laughing.

Blues Brothers Tribute Band members

The two members of this Blues Brothers Tribute Band capture the identical persona, sound and passion that propelled the original Blues Brothers to platinum recording artists, motion picture cult figures and television icons. One of the singer's powerful "whiskey-voiced" vocals are complimented by the other member amazing harmonica performances. Backed by a high energy six piece band: together they sing, dance and cartwheel their way to an entertaining replica of the Blues Brothers.

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