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Shane Cobane

  • 8,613 user views 2 reviews

Shane Cobane is a Seattle Elvis Impersonator and he has been involved in the "entertainment" business for many years. He moonlights as "Elvis" at every opportunity. Guaranteed to spice up any party or...

Seattle Elvis Impersonator 1

  • 2,306 user views 0 reviews

This Seattle native moonlights as "Elvis" at every opportunity. Guaranteed to spice up any party or other social occasion with a high energy, solid rendition of Elvis Presley.He has performed througho...

Nashville Elvis Impersonator 1

  • 3,614 user views 0 reviews

This Elvis Impersonator, after attending a 1975 live performance by Elvis Presley in Detroit, decided that he would become a singer.He recorded many different styles of music throughout the years. Thr...

Stephen Freeman

  • 3,764 user views 0 reviews

Stephen Freeman is an Elvis Impersonator residing in Winston Salem. His tribute to Elvis started professionally in 1998 and he has since performed in theaters all over the country. He recently wrote, ...

Tom Bartlett

  • 5,186 user views 0 reviews

Of Elvis Presley, they say there's only one King, but Tom Bartlett might be the next closest thing. According to Bea Fogelman, “He is the Elvis in his prime and the delight of his audiences. I have ...

Buffalo Beatles Band 1

  • 2,954 user views 0 reviews

This band is without a doubt the most musically satisfying Beatles tribute band on the scene today. Boasting the high visibility of strong vocals, music and a commitment to the accurate reproduction o...

Indianapolis Tribute Band 1

  • 2,709 user views 0 reviews

This Beatles Band is the most entertaining Tribute Band in the World. Re-live the Beatles era with this band as if you were attending a live performance by the Beatles. This band entertains audiences ...


Orlando Sinatra Impersonator 1

  • 3,988 user views 5 reviews

This Sinatra Impersonator is available for Weddings, Conventions, Private Parties, and is your Orlando singer for any special occasion.He provides the perfect atmosphere for your Orlando or Central Fl...


Australian Pavarotti Impersonator

  • 2,717 user views 0 reviews

Hot on the heels of his recent performances at the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore 2008 and back by popular demand in 2009, whether its Corporate engagements in China, exclusive performance at the “multi...


Neil Diamond Impersonator 1

  • 3,837 user views 3 reviews

This Neil Diamond Impersonator and his hand-picked ensemble of professional musicians recreate the vocals and orchestrations in such detail that few can leave the show without feeling as though they h...


Bee Gees Tribute Band 1

  • 12,469 user views 0 reviews

This Bee Gees Tribute Band is a tribute to the mythical group Bee Gees. They are interpreting their greatest hits, they have the same image, and they are creating an unforgivable atmosphere. Our clien...


Tom Baker Impersonator 1

  • 3,680 user views 0 reviews

It all began in the early eighties when this Tom Baker Impersonator played the 4th Doctor for the BBC Enterprises Dr Who Exhibition, following a national press exposure with Tom Baker (....”he looks...