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Buenos Aires Tango Musician 1

This Buenos Aires Tango Musician develops his musical career inside the tango, when the instrument that he plays - the saxophone - is not traditional in this style. The specialists and the press consider him as an avant garde artist, nevertheless, some tunes from his repertoire were composed in the 20s and 30s.

The program of his shows includes several very popular tunes. To interpret them, he assembled a group of musicians with a very solid career and experience. We will not find two equal shows: the jazz gestures and the improvisation move comfortable in the structures of Buenos Aires’ music.

Buenos Aires Tango Musician dedication

This Buenos Aires Tango Musician considers to the tango, the classical music of Buenos Aires and dedicates to the rhythms from Río de La Plata his artistic life. In his presentations, Arolas coexists with the Gato Barbieri, Gardel with Piazzolla. Every piece is crossed by elements of the contemporary music.

The listeners of this Buenos Aires Tango Musician's shows and records have the sensation of experimenting a new thing. One who respects the history and the essence of the Buenos Aires’ music and simultaneously shows a new way of evolution. They manage to glimpse today the Tango of the future.

Buenos Aires Tango Musician influence

Piazzolla's legacy - compositions of him and his spirit are a constant and palpable presence in the scene stage - in hands of a respectful and creative musician.

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