Los Angeles Stilt Walker 2

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Los Angeles Stilt Walker 2

This Los Angeles Stilt Walker has performed recently on Fox Network’s new game show, “HOLE IN THE WALL”, with host Brooke Burns and Mark Thompson also on NBC’s new game show “IDENTITY”, with host Pen Jillette, ABC television, At the Los Angeles Promax Convention; The MUMS at the Hollywood Bowl for “K-big Disco Fever Night” including supporting acts Le Chic, The Gap Band, Village People and Cool and the Gang; BB Kings NY opening for Public Enemy. Also Linkin Park, Metallica, Sum 41 and the Hives. Drumming for the rock band Green Jello, Music to Insult your intelligence by tour 2009.

Los Angeles Stilt Walker volunteer work

This Los Angeles Stilt Walker also volunteers his time to various charitable organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation, The American Heart Association, Fulfillment Fund Organization, AIDS Service Center, Los Angeles and The American Parkinson Association. With his vast talent and experience, he is constantly breaking new ground with every STILT walking step he takes.

Los Angeles Stilt Walker skills

Stilt Walking – Trick Jumproping – Fire Jumproping – Fire Breathing – Fire Eating - Juggling – Hula-Hooping – Balloon Twisting Creations (Crazy Hats!)

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

6 responses to “Los Angeles Stilt Walker 2”

  1. JW says:

    [This artist] increased sales and proved very entertaining for all concerned. Very helpful in Directing the crowds to the specified shopping areas, and he was very enjoyable to have. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks – J.W Bishop (Oakwood Shopping Center)

  2. Mary and Ben says:

    My husband and I hired [this artist] for our daughters Bat Mitzvah. He was great! Not only did he walk on stilts but he also performed his amazing trick jumproping routine. Wow!! – Mary and Ben Zimmermann

  3. Chasidy says:

    We hired [this artist] for a benefit Party we gave for our clients…was extremely professional and looked great in his Tuxedo costume on his stilts. – Chasidy Johnson

  4. Stacy says:

    Your performance was very entertaining and extremely memorable for everyone in attendance, especially for the children who always light up as soon as they see you on your stilts. – Stacy Seligman (Director of Special events UCLA Fulfillment Fund)

  5. Anthony says:

    [This artist] is one of the most skilled, innovative stilt performers in the country. His Costuming and Performances are constant crowd pleasers from adults to kids. The versatile range of his performance skills can be tailored to many events from Corporate, Private, Stage, Television or Movie Events/Productions and his fun and joyful disposition is welcoming and refreshing. He brings love, art and touch of magic to all of his performances. – Anthony F. Cherry

  6. Vic says:

    Thank You. The stiltwalkers were fantastic. – Vic P., Masquerade Party at the Four Seasons

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