New York Singer 2

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New York Singer 2

This New York Singer's passion and love for the performing arts began as a child performer trained in drama, dance and music. She has danced at the Kennedy Center, performed with American Ballet Theater at the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center, and danced in modern dance companies as well as in Off-Broadway shows.

New York Singer history

Singing was essential in most shows and then this New York Singer pursued her own voice on ships, cabaret, night clubs, TV, and voice overs. Acting was natural for her, as a dramatic dancer, and she refined her narrative skills as opportunities for film, TV and theater became a reality.

While in college, a sincere interest in teaching directed this New York Singer into becoming a dance educator. After taking a break from performing full time, she is proud to say that she taught in New York City, the dance capital of the world! And I inspired students to follow in her footsteps through dance programs that she created in various NYC public high schools.

New York Singer career

Presently, this New York Singer is working as a performer and entertainer full time. Her passion drives her and the joy of being a creative artist is where her heart is.

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Country United States
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State/Province New York
Performer Type Musical Act

5 responses to “New York Singer 2”

  1. Pat says:

    “When you’re working with [this performer] you’re working with the best, cause I’ve worked with her many times and I only work with the best.” – Pat Cooper

  2. Elmont Memorial Library says:

    The audiences loved the show. I would recommend this show to anyone.” – Elmont Memorial Library

  3. Weston Public Library says:

    a consummate professional…she engaged the audience immediately with her beautiful voice and was so well received.” – Weston Public Library, Conn

  4. Rainberry Bay Beacon says:

    “The Clubhouse was packed and the reception electric as the Drama Group presented the talented … one-woman show.” – Rainberry Bay Beacon, Florida

  5. Friars Epistle says:

    “I was blown away by her talent.” – -Friars Epistle

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