Los Angeles Singer 2

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Los Angeles Singer 2

In an age of manufactured pop stardom and “plucked from obscurity”, American Idol style career arcs that last about as long as the next commercial break, there are still artists who have made their art a lifetime commitment. This Los Angeles Singer is one such artist. Born and raised in Berkshire, England, to hard working parents, she followed her creative instincts and exceptional talents from an early age; dancing lessons started at 3, piano at ten, acting at twelve while her true love, singing, made it’s professional debut at the tender age of eleven.

It was around this time that she reached her first creative crossroads. Years of diligent work and natural ability afforded her a possible future as a ballerina and in addition, her new found passion for singing and acting was opening doors as yet unimagined. Many aspiring artists must choose between their creative interests and more mundane pursuits - law school, the family business.... This Los Angeles Singer had to choose between the life of a ballerina and the life of a songstress. Perhaps the best and the worst position to be in.

Los Angeles Singer lead roles

Music won the day. This Los Angeles Singer threw herself headlong into her studies and played many lead roles in school productions and concerts, as time afforded.

It was after rave reviews of a school performance as Nancy in “Oliver” that her love of Musical Theatre really took off. A scholarship to the prestigious Arts Educational Schools in London found her often top of the class by the years’ end. The professional stage was calling; with credits that included performances for the Queen, the World Premiere of “Brighton Rock” at the prestigious Almeida Theatre and the musical version of the film “Alfie” to name but a few.

2008 has found this Los Angeles Singer at her second creative crossroads. Years of study and persistent practice have given her an enviable, professional presence on any stage. Having achieved so many of her dreams already, the search for life’s next great challenge has taken her in the direction of finding her own voice for the first time, working with world class producers in Los Angeles and elsewhere to create original music that speaks to her life experience and imagination.

Los Angeles Singer quote

“The main difference to me now is that a year ago I started writing. And really, that has become one of the most important aspects of my life and I am unsure of how I was ever really an artist before if I wasn’t progressing with my own material. I am very conscious of the fact that the artists I admire the most, really are the full package and they communicate from the heart and their work is about them and their experience and feelings about life. This is what I strive to convey in my songs and stage performances.”

A lifetime of commitment, countless hours of rigorous work and practice - these are the hallmarks of a true professional. But the true artist is the one who can transport the art far beyond the mere mechanics and even the natural gifts and really communicate.

This Los Angeles Singer commands a stage in a way only the best can, and takes her audience to a place they simply cannot go in any other context.

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