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Bill Anschell

2005, 2010, 2011 Northwest Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year
2006 Northwest Acoustic Jazz Ensemble of the Year (Bill Anschell Trio)
2011 Northwest Jazz Recording of the Year (Figments)

In addition to his lifelong career playing in jazz venues across the U.S. and around the world, Bill Anschell has over 25 years of experience playing music for weddings, receptions, and other private events. Over all those years, he has had nothing but satisfied clients. If you’d like references, just let us know.
He will work with you to build an ensemble that fits the instrumentation and budget you have in mind, and he will always be sure you get Seattle’s finest jazz artists.

Bill Anschell

solo piano
duo (piano with bass, sax or vocals)
trio (piano with bass plus drums, vocals, guitar or sax), or
larger ensembles (piano, bass and drums plus additional musicians).

Bill Anschell repertoire

Bill Anschell will tailor our music to suit your occasion. His repertoire includes hundreds of the best-known standards by the great songwriters: Gershwin, Porter, Kern, Rodgers/Hart, Arlen, and many more. If you’ve got a specific request, he is very happy to play it, from upbeat swing tunes to beautiful ballads.

For the more hard-core jazz listeners, Bill Anschell will also play tunes by the jazz greats, including Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Dave Brubeck and Dizzy Gillespie. And if you prefer music still further off the beaten path, he can intersperse his own compositions, some of which have been featured on cable and television programs including The Wire and West Wing.

Wherever your jazz tastes lie, Bill Anschell will put together a program that gives you the style of music you want, whether it’s ambience-setting background music (as you might hear in an elegant restaurant), music for listening (e.g., the styles you might hear in a downtown jazz club) or music for dancing (swing, bossa nova, salsa or slow dancing).

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9 responses to “Bill Anschell”

  1. JazzTimes says:

    No matter where Anschell plays on the keyboard, he sounds like no other pianist – JazzTimes

  2. Michael says:

    “Anschell’s ‘fooling around’ amounts to a postmodern study of American music… Anschell hits a walk off grand-slam with Figments.” — C. Michael Baille,

  3. The JazzLine says:

    “‘Figments’ is abstract, free and accessible. It offers the listener a personal view of Bill Anschell’s musical mind… All around a very good album worthy of anyone’s time and ears.” –The JazzLine

  4. Doug says:

    “Figments…has the qualities of nocturnal reminiscing — relaxation, free association, bemusement.” — Doug Ramsey, Rifftides

  5. Dick says:

    “He’s an unsung hero of the understatement. A lavation, a magic, a mystery and totally original. He’ll play the same song different ways, every time, even if it’s his own. You want an original take on the new and old, then this is your message of the year.” –Dick Crockett, The Voice, 88.7, Sacramento

  6. James says:

    “Cooler Heads is a superb document – forward-leaning both harmonically and rhythmically, with a clear reverence for the past.” — James Rozzi, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  7. Ed says:

    “Anschell’s original compositions are inventive and delightful…(his) relaxed and fluid playing can become powerful and intense when called upon.” — Ed Trefzger, Yellow Dog Jazz Review

  8. JazzTimes says:

    “Anschell’s own themes – ‘E.B.’s New Dream,’ ‘Crabbin’,’ ‘Stories We Hold,’ ‘My Baby Won’t Takadimi,’ ‘Beignet Boogie,’ and ‘Lullaby for Sam,’ reveal a strong bent for originality.” –JazzTimes

  9. Jazz Review says:

    “Bill Anschell’s virtuosity demands that you perk up and listen.” –Jazz Review

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