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This Seattle Juggler provides Comedy juggling for the whole family!

A true representative of the “Historic and Educational Component” of the Renaissance Faire circuit, presented in an amazingly hysterical context!! Her props include, but are not limited to: knives, diabolo, spinning plates, plungers and “rubber chickenses”. Okay, so the latter aren’t exactly period, but have you ever tried juggling dead chickenses? That’s just gross!!

Seattle Juggler shows

Between shows this Seattle Juggler can roams the Faire, greeting visitors, performing random acts of comedy and doing juggling “dares”. For a “small” donation she will happily promote vendors; the more you donate to her purse, the more enthusiastic she is!

Seattle Juggler background

Her family came from the Mediterranean and picked up a title along the way. This Seattle Juggler has a real title? Is that cool or what?

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2 responses to “Seattle Juggler 1”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    By the Grace of God
    The Queen recognizes [this artist] and her support of Canterbury Faire especially with the young fair folk who follower her as if she played the pipes. Her skills at jugglery both capture their ready attention to a tune all its own while offering comfort to the lost or abandoned. Her labors truly help to make Canterbury Farie a safe place for young folk. – Elizabeth Tudor

  2. Tamra says:

    “you are wonderfully entertaining even when not juggling” – Tam’ra Brekke Perry

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