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Italian Bass Player 1

This Italian Bass Player is a talented musician, well known and appreciated both in Italy and in Europe, virtuoso bass player, with good technique and great versatility, and multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, author and expert computer programmer music.

Italian Bass Player studies

This Italian Bass Player began his studies at 13 years old with Maestro Gilberto Carusi, continuing at the St. Louis Jazz School in Rome with Maestro of El. Bass Piero Montanari, thus beginning the artistic activity at the age of 19 years working in a variety show, "Le Tate", "Le Ragazze di non è la Rai", "Dobrilla", "C. Corona "," Fabiana Conti "," Andrea "and in several orchestras in Italy and in Europe, in several tours with Ivan Cattaneo, Stefano Borgia, Valeria Visconti, Gianluca Guidi, Neil Zaza, participating in Jam Session with: Romano Mussolini, Gege Telesforo, Sergio Caputo. He also collaborated with Domenico Caliri (E. Rava), Massimo Di Rocco, Andrea Valentini, Cedrick, Marina Fiorentini, Alex Masi, John Macaluso, Mistheria, the 8 Ohm, Max Grillo (Maxiata), The Brass Orchestra of l’Aquila city, directed by Maestro Paolo Cerasoli, Marco Zanini Blues band, Moto Perpetuo.

Italian Bass Player credits

This Italian Bass Player participated in the project of "Fontamara" Paolo Capodacqua, soundtrack of the television series, "Fantasia in E minor" by Carmine Di Marco, "The Beginning" of Viracocha; "Picola" by Antonello Ciani . Took care of all the music and hymn arrangements of society 'football Celano (Vogliamo vincere) and Canistro Force (Forza campioni) and several political anthems including Forza Italia, Liberal, Daniela Stati, Silvio Berlusconi, all printed and published at regular SIAE Franco currently owns his own recording studio where he manages personally also performs music lessons "Modern Music School" and performs numerous concerts in Italy and shops in the center of the capital with his cover band of which he is the bassplayer, singer and artistic director.

In August 2009 this Italian Bass Player made his CD produced by him and a well-known entrepreneur and Abruzzese Publishing Page 3, most of the shots were taken at his school studio and mixed at the "Rik & Ary" study by Florindo Cimei. The CD contains 8 new songs and 2 covers, where he sings, plays the bass and many parts of guitars, choirs, all programming, wrote the lyrics, the music and edited the arrangements, hosting musicians on each song with which has collaborated. In the CD there are two covers (Lessons in Love and Over Time) of the mythical Level 42, the first with text translated into Italian and the second with unpublished text (Regina).

On February 28, 2010 this Italian Bass Player designed and implemented a promotional concert of his cd for a fundraiser for the construction of a kindergarten in the village of Tempera l'Aquila, the concert was attended and played with special guests such as Ricky Portera, Fabrizio Leo, Mike Lindup and Phil Gould of Level 42, Fabio Balestrieri, Diana Winter, Claudio Golinelli trio, the Brass Orchestra Regionale Abruzzese directed by Maestro Paolo Cerasoli and various Abruzzo artist.

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