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Portland Bagpiper 1

This Portland Bagpiper has performed for over thirty years and has has honed his craft in smoky Irish pubs, remote cabins in Quebec, and in dance halls across America. He's played banjo in Latvia, learned to play the bagpipes of a dozen countries and dug deep to find just the right stories to share. His one-man musical theater of the imagination blends folklore, true-life adventure, and the rare, soulful, fiery sounds of fiddle and pipes into a mesmerizing experience.

Portland Bagpiper experience

He plays in Wake the Dead, the world's first Grateful Dead Irish trad band, with les Tetes de Violon, a Quebecois traditional fiddle ensemble, with Hillbillies from Mars, cult dance band with 30 years and hundreds of dances under its belt, with Verdegaio, a duo from Galicia, Spain, and this Portland Bagpiper has for many years taught at dance and music camps across the country and in Europe.

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Country United States
City Portland
State/Province Oregon
Performer Type Musical Act

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