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Los Angeles Bagpiper 1

This Los Angeles Bagpiper is an assistant professor at UCR (California, Riverside), the Music Director of the UCR Pipe Band and director of the music degree program for bagpipes in the Department of Music. He is as comfortable and enthusiastic playing in a competition for world renowned judges as he is on stage at the Hollywood Bowl – having played with the Chieftains, the LA Philharmonic Orchestra, has opened for Sting at the Gibson Amphitheater and has played for Queen Elizabeth in Scotland.

He plays bagpipes on the Simpson's TV show (Willie the Groundskeeper's bagpipes) as well as performances on Family Guy, Arliss, The West Wing, American Dad and the soundtrack on The General's Daughter and the Rundown. He brings over forty years of education, experience and training to his musical performances, competitions and special projects, distinguished by his passion for both the sound and the musical expression of the bagpipe.

Los Angeles Bagpiper prize winner

An accomplished competitor, this Los Angeles Bagpiper has received many prizes and medals throughout the U.S. and Canada and has consistently won competitions in Piobaireachd (the classical music of the bagpipe), during the course of his career. He traveled to Scotland to compete in the Gold Medal Competitions and was the winner of the U.S. Gold Medal in 2006. He is also a senior adjudicator for the Western United States Pipe Band Association and is known around the highland games for his playing, judging, work with pipe bands as well as having many successful solo competitors as students. He is available as a soloist or can organize a group of pipers, drummers as well as dancers, singers and other musicians.

Los Angeles Bagpiper Philosophy

This Los Angeles Bagpiper is a devoted and extremely talented bagpiper who brings 40 years of education, experience and exceptional training to his musical performances, competitions and special projects. What distinguishes Ian’s playing is his extraordinary passion, not only to create a remarkable sound of the instrument itself but for the unique way in which the music is expressed. He speaks often of his special attention to connecting with the ‘story’ of the musical piece; he fulfills this goal daily through his instruction of the bagpipes where he also helps to stimulate the students’ bond with the ‘heart and soul’ of the music.

This Los Angeles Bagpiper's goal is to bring the Great Highland Bagpipe to the public ear with all the grandness and spirit this very special instrument has and to have it be presented as a majestic instrument of the woodwind family.

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

6 responses to “Los Angeles Bagpiper 1”

  1. Terry says:

    “[He] has been a major contributor to the success of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band over the years. What sets him apart from others is that Ian always has the ultimate bagpipe sound in his mind before proceeding to other issues.”
    Terry Lee, Pipe Major of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, Five-time world champions.

  2. Matt says:

    “Playing with [him] over the short period of a few weeks in 1999 had a huge impact on my playing, my ear and my attitude towards the instrument. He has an amazing gift for setting up a great pipe corps, both musically and tonally. His ear for super fine adjustments and his knowledge of cane reeds gives him incredible control over the instruments. He is definitely one of the most talented people I know.”
    Pipe Sergeant Matt MacIsaac

  3. Kevin says:

    “If you are looking for the best tone and expression in the world you need not look any further than [him]. During the period he worked with my band we set at the top of our grade for two years and traveling to Scotland for the first time we took 2nd in the Worlds in 3A. Although we didn’t take 1st, the RSPBA moved us to Grade 2 regardless. We owe this all to him!”
    Kevin Blandford, Pipe Major, R.P.Blandford & Son Pipe Band

  4. Sean says:

    “[He] has earned an international reputation for being ‘THE Sound Man’ when it comes to pipe bands – traveling far and abroad to work with various groups, the success of the bands he has worked with will no doubt speak for themselves. Although I played with Ian for only a short period, it was during that time that he had a very positive influence on both my music and approach to the instrument. [He] has a knack (some might say a gift) for setting up a GREAT sound – second to none. Ian perhaps summed it up best with: ‘Welcome to Tone City’!”
    Sean Somers – Principle Bagpiping Instructor, College of Piping (PEI)

  5. Erin says:

    “My wedding was something I planned in my thoughts since I was a little girl. It had to have the ‘special’ quality that would match my girlhood ‘dream’. I wanted romance, excitement, fun and wonderment. [His] music was perfect! It was everything I had hoped for. I will never forget that moment I stepped onto the aisle and the music began.”
    Erin (a bride)

  6. Frank says:

    “My wife and I got married with bagpipes and our daughter, Elaine wanted to follow our tradition. [He] was so good, his music was absolutely beautiful and it made us remember our ceremony – even after thirty nine years. We wish Ian had been around to play for ours!”
    Frank (a father of the bride)

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