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Chicago Bagpiper 1

This Chicago Bagpiper has been a professional Piper for over 20 years. His mission is to make your Piping experience a most memorable one. Using the emotional power of the Pipes, melodies can be transitional in taking one's moods, feelings, state of mind, etc. to other places....... good places. Whether it be a wedding or a funeral the Pipes are a magnificent instrument which brings sacred ancient melodies to life.

Chicago Bagpiper performance

This Chicago Bagpiper will provide a stirring beginning, a grand entrance or a spectacular finale for any event, or, create that special poignant moment in a solemn ceremony when only a PIPER will due! He uses Highland Formal Wear for weddings and funerals to day and casual wear for less formal occasions. He is also able to travel handily between Milwaukee and Chicago metro.

Chicago Bagpiper info

He will be happy to assist in providing you with information on how to use the Great Highland Pipes most effectively at your gathering. The use of the Pipes, he believes, should be approached with careful thought and consideration. This Chicago Bagpiper is happy to provide assistance with selecting appropriate melodies including the placement of them.

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Country United States
City Chicago
State/Province Illinois
Performer Type Musical Act

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