Chattanooga Bagpiper 2




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Chattanooga Bagpiper 2

Thank you for you interest in the bagpipes. This Chattanooga Bagpiper has been playing the instrument for over 14 years and have developed the skills needed to ensure that your experience with the instrument is a memorable one. People from coast to coast have come to depend on him for their bagpipe needs. He has performed at hundreds of events. From weddings to funerals to special events, he has the experience needed to make sure that my performance will exceed your expectations.

Chattanooga Bagpiper teaching

If you have ever had an interest in learning the instrument, there is no time like the present. He has taught people of all ages and have seen many develop into fine pipers. With only nine notes, the bagpipes is an instrument that can be mastered by everyone, regardless of age or previous musical experience.

Feel free to take a look around and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us about this Chattanooga Bagpiper.

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Country United States
City Chattanooga
State/Province Tennessee
Performer Type Musical Act

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