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Houston Accordionist 1

This Houston Accordionist was born in Italy. His first teacher was Franco Cupertino and he practiced at least 4 to 5 hours per day. Professor Miguel Casas Augé, founder and Director of the Valencia Accordion Club also Conductor of the Valencia Symphony Orquesta, assumed his Accordion Education. He was followed by Professor Roberto Ruscitti, a renowned classical accordionist, who took care of his education for the next 7 years.

In 1972, he graduated as a " CONCERTISTA" from the school "ACADEMIA DE ACORDEON SMITH" directed by Roberto Ruscitti. In 1974, he earned a "CUM LAUDE" Diploma in accordion from the same school. On 1976, he graduated with a degree of "PROFESSOR OF ACCORDION".

Houston Accordionist school

After graduation, this Houston Accordionist founded his own accordion school where he had over 125 students. Most of his former students are now playing professionally. He was also member and co-founder of the " ORQUESTA LATINA" together with the famous Spanish singer Esteban Abarca. Orquesta Latina performed all over Venezuela. He also won numerous championships with both the Accordion and the Organ.

In 1981, in search of a better future, this Houston Accordionist moved to Sugar Land, Texas with his wife and children. He continues to perform professionally in many countries. He has his own recording studio in Sugar Land where he has arranged and recorded hundreds of tunes including many of his own compositions. His
musical range includes, but is not limited to Classical, Latin, European, American Standards. He also produces CDs for other musicians.

Houston Accordionist performances

This Houston Accordionist was invited to perform in the Famous Accordion Festival celebrated in Ransäter Sweden and also performed concerts in Dallas, Austin, Boston, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria BC, San Francisco and other places in California, Las Vegas, Florida, Seattle, Portland, New Mexico and other states in United States. He also perfomed in Beijing and Shenyang China, Yucatan Mexico.

Last July 2008 and 2010 this Houston Accordionist was invited to perform with the Houston Symphony Orquesta.

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