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Chicago Singer Songwriter 1

An elegant, catchy melody bursts out of Chicago in 2007. It's 2012 and this Chicago Singer Songwriter finds himself with a rapidly growing fan-base, an official SXSW performance under his belt and an east coast tour to kick off the new year.

Charming and sincere, this Chicago Singer Songwriter's pitch-perfect voice shines across a light-hearted, sunny soundscape. His love for the craft of songwriting can be felt in every delightful layer of his songs. Excellent guitar skills and smooth, comforting vocals surround a very positive and heartfelt atmosphere akin to the styles of John Mayer and Jason Mraz.

Chicago Singer Songwriter stories

He is a writer for the people. He takes his lyrics very seriously and it shows. His stories speak to the most simple struggles and triumphs of his friends and people he meets in his day-to-day experiences. As a multi-instrumentalist with a home studio he puts his personal touch on every aspect of his music.

During high school this Chicago Singer Songwriter was signed to the Chicago indie label Four Winds and immediately released an album. He steadily developed an online buzz early on in his career. He chose to not re-sign with Four Winds but instead is living the life of a true independent artist.

Chicago Singer Songwriter tour

This Chicago Singer Songwriter is currently on tour in the United States until summer. He plans to perform at various festivals this summer and will continue to tour this fall. He will release his new album in the spring of 2012.

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Country United States
City Chicago
State/Province Illinois
Performer Type Musical Act

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