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Austin Singer Songwriter 1

This Austin Singer Songwriter is a global and love based, theatrically trained performer/actor, world-class singer/songwriter and philanthropist made for the people. Born to the wheat fields, and musical parents in prairies of Regina, Sask, Canada. She has been singing and performing for audiences since the age of 5. She wrote her first song in 1995 and has committed herself to the message of love and understanding touring love filled audience shows across North America and Mexico, globally on the radio, featured pod casts, and in interviews of all formats ever since.

She has written award-winning songs: "Cowboy", "Angel” “Movin On” granting CMA and WCMA distinction, "May You Always" reined at #1 for 2 full years on acoustic charts. Most recently "No More War" recently re-titled to “The Peace Song” spent 2011 12 MONTHS ! at #1 in Rock and All Genres on

One of this Austin Singer Songwriter's concerts produced and endorsed by CBC has been broadcasted across Canada nationally five times, turned into a live cd “LIVE IN A SHU BOX” and presented as a Christmas special titled “ True Believer”. It still remains a fan favorite.

Austin Singer Songwriter message

This Austin Singer Songwriter is committed to bringing to the world a message of love and light thru her beliefs and her music. She gives of herself to support issues that are important to her. The newest is founding International Children’s Month ( JUNE), Little Method Children’s Theater, and The Book of Honor ( a book written by the people for the people ).

She is a council member of Honoring The Circle, and this council is also the board for her new foundations. Many of her songs and in particular the song ONE is an anthem for these enlightened times being embraced by children across the globe, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, social and environmental organizations and the rising masses who care for our children and our earth, to promote peace, love and understanding.

Austin Singer Songwriter events

Some events that this Austin Singer Songwriter has participated in and produced are The Sustainable Living Roadshow Festival Austin, Concerts in Honor of the Children of Israel and Gaza Strip, Haiti benefits, and Stop child abuse and spousal assault, Flood Relief for tropical storm Irene/ sandy, food pantry benefits, fine arts benefits, Woodstock benefits, and Willie’s Peace Research Institute, the United Nations and NRDC. She appreciates the pay it forward model in money and pays forward a percentage of profits of each album to a cause that is dear to her and our children’s future, Farm aid, World Wildlife Federation, CARE, The International Coral Reef Association, International Children’s Month. Recently added to her package is Our Mother Earth Constitution and Earth Prince and Princess.

She has shared the stage in the past at festivals with the Northern Pikes, Alejandro Esoveda, The Skydiggers, at performance venues with Bill Bourne, Holly MCnarland, Sara Hickman, Carolyn Dawn Johnson and many independent artists. She has also performed for Prince Charles and Prince Edward.

She is currently releasing her catalog of 6 albums in a new format called the “V ALBUM” in partnership with iBoard Inc, while magnetizing the team for her next album. Endorsed by Carparelli Guitars, Coast to Coast, CBC Radio Canada, Willie Nelson, appreciating fans, numerous historically significant performers, festival producers, present media professionals and people past and presently booking her new tour The Earth Guardians. This Austin Singer Songwriter now lives in Austin Texas, where she continues to write empowering and uplifting music dedicated to the hearts of 8 billion.

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2 responses to “Austin Singer Songwriter 1”

  1. Kelley says:

    [This singer] new work has more complexity, daring and spiritual depth than anything she’s done before. But it still holds, at its center, to what’s always been true. [She] can write a riff. Her tunes soar through ear, and straight to your heart, where they settle in like they’ve always been there. She is unique, authentic, an enormously talented songwriter, and someone who never fails to keep the faith with her art–and yet wildly entertaining and grabby. – Kelley Jo Burke producer, CBC Radio

  2. David says:

    Carrying on the tradition of great female troubadours from Canada, [this artist] has made a lovely record. A little Alanis Morrisette, a little Buffy Sainte Marie she’s grown into her own sound over the last couple years. We used to go see punk rock shows when we were kids, she’s come a long way since then and I’m happy to witness the process. – David Bason, Road Runner Records, New York

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