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Atlanta Singer Songwriter 1

This Atlanta Singer Songwriter was introduced to music at a young age. Her foundation stemmed from gospel music which she joyously sang as a child and later evolved in a fusion of Neo –soul, Jazz, Afro Cuban and Flamenco genres. In more recent years she has studied European classical vocal techniques maintain the gift that is her vocal technique.

Atlanta Singer Songwriter tours

For several years this Atlanta Singer Songwriter has undertaken a grueling performance schedule that has spanned the world gathering fascinating experiences on four continents. She has performed extensively in the most elite venues in Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, whilst collaborating with artists from USA to Australia, London to the Middle East.

Atlanta Singer Songwriter talent

On the strength of her considerable talent, her presence and engaging personality delights and entertains audiences internationally with a unique blend of performance that is seductive, sensual, with interpretations of Jazz, Neo Soul, R&B and Latin blends that is stylized with her own signature.

This Atlanta Singer Songwriter experiences are vast and her canvass of music is rich with colorful blends. To her life and music is one of the same. As she once wrote …in a quote that defines her passion, “ Jazz to me is like ice cream on a hot July Day…it goes down soft and cool.”

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Country United States
City Atlanta
State/Province Georgia
Performer Type Musical Act

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