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New York Russian Singer 1

This New York Russian Singer was always singing and acting, so there was no question about her future. She was a 13 years old chorus singer, when USSR just simply disappeared and her home city, Kiev, became the capital of a new country- Ukraine.

New York Russian Singer youth

At that time there was only one decent theatrical school this New York Russian Singer wanted to study in- Kiev State Institute of Theatrical Arts, so at the age of 16 she went there and 4 years later graduated as an actress for film and theatre. This New York Russian Singer was invited to work on TV right away and for a few years enjoyed hosting two TV shows “Yahad” and “Shalom, Kiev” on major Ukrainian channels. Of course, there was a lot of theatrical stuff too. She was so happy to find herself on the same stage with her favorite actors at one of Kiev’s best theatres , “Drama and Comedy Theatre on the Left Bank of Dniper River” working with the great directors and playing the lead roles in a few other theatres. There also were a few film and commercial projects with Dovegnko Studio,which ran at the same time.

A few years later, this New York Russian Singer went to Israel to study Judaism, got married, moved to Moscow and traveled back and forth between Ukraine, Russia, Israel and USA . Her son, Levi, was born in 2002 in NYC and after their relocation to Moscow 2 more years later, they decided to move to New York for a while.

New York Russian Singer career

There are lots of TV and radio stations in NYC, Broadway, of course, and a huge movie industry. There, this New York Russian Singer worked as a news reporter for TV, radio co-host for a morning radio show, actress for radio plays, dubbing actress, worked with Rosetta Stone on their Russian language software and with other well known companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Cablevision as a voice over or actress for their projects. Movies and theatre are her major priorities. Right now, she is free- lancing with a few agencies for acting, voicing and modeling and looking forward for the new exciting creative opportunities, life has for her.

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