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This Orlando Rola Bola Act was born in Moscow, Russia. At age four he started to train gymnastic and acrobatic tumbling at sports school of Olympic reserve #1 in Moscow. After years of hard training and competing both national and international levels with numerous honorable winning awards he earned the title of Master of Sports.

Orlando Rola Bola Act credits

Shortly after graduating from Russian State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports this Orlando Rola Bola Act was approached by Russian State Circus Company to join very unique act “Russian bar on stilts” as principal performer. While touring around the world, he never stopped working on developing new disciplines and improving his professional skills on variety of dance styles and acting.

Orlando Rola Bola Act style

With the experience acquired in the past of being performer of many genres he created his own, very unique Rola Bola act. Currently this Orlando Rola Bola Act accepts booking for theater shows and special events.

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