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Phoenix Rock Band 1

This Phoenix Rock Band has over 20 years of collective professional music experience between the members, They hit the ground running since originating in 2010—and the music industry immediately began to take notice. After all, it isn’t often that a band’s first show sells out, which is exactly what happened for this rock band at Albuquerque’s Sunshine Theatre. Pendulum guitars swing with raw urgency and coalesce with a backbone of solid drums and rumbling bass, providing the perfect platform for melodic harmonies and crooning howls that reflect such influences as Foo Fighters, Chevelle, Queens of the Stone Age, JET and Three Days Grace.

Phoenix Rock Band album

At the end of 2010 this Phoenix Rock Band started recording with Rick Beato (Shinedown, Creed). For the musicians, an important element in the writing process is that the songs must come first, and this is the first project where each has equally been involved as a writer and musician.

Phoenix Rock Band style

These four musicians from all walks of life provide an explosive, yet sultry, live performance. With brutally honest vocals, volatile instrumentals and weaving breakdowns, music from they smolder in the air and hangs like a cloud of pure metallic sound overhead, paying straight-up tribute to the roots of rock and what true composition is all about. No doubt about it, wherever this Phoenix Rock Band goes, sold-out venues will follow.

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Country United States
City Phoenix
State/Province Arizona
Performer Type Musical Act

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