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New York Rock Guitarist 1

Born in NJ, this New York Rock Guitarist started his music career on the drums and became a very popular and powerful drummer in the tri state region of Nj, NY, and Pa playing in many local club bands throughout the region. He picked up the guitar one day just to see what it was like and never looked back. He took lessons in Port Jervis, NY from a few teachers but it wasn't until he met local guitar instructor Lenny Hayden.

Through the years he and Lenny became close friends and this New York Rock Guitarist's path in music starting developing. Starting with blues and classic rock style lessons, he progressed into many rock bands that guitarists start to learn but eventually he found Dream Theater after seeing a video on MTV which would change the way he approached music. His attention switched into a world of progressive hard rock styles of guitar that others shy away from. Learning many different techniques from the guitarists of the day such as Richie Kotzen, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci helped develop a style that carries him to this day.

New York Rock Guitarist career change

This New York Rock Guitarist had been playing in local cover bands when one day he decided to throw all the covers away and do original music for fun and the fun music turned into a career of different paths. He created a musical project which has morphed into two separate paths. One solo and one band both powerful and unique. He wrote and recorded two instrumentals that would again alter his life and musical career because one of the instrumental started to take off within the guitar community and online on a site called which allowed listeners to rate a track they heard without knowing who created it until after they rated and voted on it.

His song climbed to #1 topping many of the charts. Ultimately winning the top awards for Best Guitar, Most Original Track, and Track of the Day many times over. This New York Rock Guitarist now realized he had something to keep building upon and build he did. He was found by the editor of guitar Player Magazine in 2007 who wrote a very attention getting article in which this artist was exposed to a worldwide audience and new fan base. His other instrumental Visions was courted by NFL Europa and used on its internet broadcasts of the 2007 season and became the theme music for the Superbowl between the NY Giants and The New England Patriots. He is a huge Giants fan so this was an honor to be included.

New York Rock Guitarist credits

This New York Rock Guitarist has many credits over recent years that have helped the world learn about who he is. He has licensed music to MTV, NFL Europa, and many charities that deal with Pediatric Cancer, US Veterans, and Soup Kitchens in the Lehigh Valley. His efforts didn't go unnoticed as music equipment companies came calling and this New York Rock Guitarist has built an impressive list of solid endorsements with the biggest companies in the music industry such as: Ibanez Guitars, Morley Pedals, Trad Amps, Zoom , Rat Pedals, Dunlop, Steve Clayton INC, Gear Hugger Stands, Lava Cables, Pedaltrain Pedal Boards, and Sonic Fusion Pedals.

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Country United States
City New York City
State/Province New York
Performer Type Musical Act

12 responses to “New York Rock Guitarist 1”

  1. Roeann says:

    “Hard rock guitarist tunes into sensitivity”
    Roseann Buttone – Pike Monroe Life Magazine

  2. Bill says:

    “Tom is not only a great guitarist/Musician, he is knowledgeable in gear, technique and the music industry in general. As a clinician he is both impressive and personable. We are happy to be working with him” – Bill Wenzloff – Morley Pedals

  3. Michael says:

    ” Some of the best work I’ve heard in many years. This would make the pros take a step back! Totally Awesome! This is probably some of the best work I’ve heard come out of the Poconos in ages. These guys are so together and tight that it is scary. The intensity is at such a high level that it is hard to describe. I would give this a MUST LISTEN and 2 THUMBS UP!” – Michael McKenna – Pa Music Scene Magazine

  4. J.T. Carter says:

    “Tom is gonna kick the worlds ass everytime he plays his guitar! There’s no one like him! Get ready because he’s gonna rock your world! ” – J.T. Carter (16 Candles, Step By Step) – Celebrity Quote

  5. Gary says:

    “This new stuff is great! Made me SCREAM!!”
    Gary Smith – Gary in the Morning Show

  6. Jackie says:

    “Sounds great! I like the heavier sound and the music is great!”
    Jackie Shea, R Unlimited Artist Relations

  7. Mark says:

    “You guys Rock!”
    Mark Levetts, Atlantic Records, LA

  8. Chevy350 says:

    “I completely dig this song! I’m sorry but it rocks!! Great tones.. great playing…great arrangement. It might be commercial and radio friendly but hey, it kept me listening and I would buy this stuff. Good job!” – Chevy350 from San Diego –

  9. Mike says:

    “Great musical lead guitar work combined with chops, made for a very interesting song.I sensed a lot of emotion and strength. The melody was hooky enough for me to hum it (that’s sayin something). Solid guitar work. ” – Mike-Sedona, Arizona –

  10. Mark says:

    “Woah…this is one tight band with some serious guitar playing. It sounds like Van Halen meets Jeff Beck at Slash’s house. Good production and overall mix too. A strong piece of work here. Two thumbs up! ” – Mark Hewer –

  11. AwkWurd Sylence says:

    “This is just great. This is like the Kreisler of the guitar, the Paganini of instrumental rock, writing songs that, musically, are not too complex, but the performance of the virtuosic instrument is the hearstopper. ” – AwkWurd Sylence from Birmingham, Al –

  12. Critical Mass says:

    “Nice instrumental song… I love that style You play guys! Nice solo…. This song is similar to some John’s Petrucci song or Joe Satriani song.. It’s f**king positive 🙂 Nice wah on middle of the song… Good job! Reviewed by: Critical_Mass_ from Wlodawa, Poland ” – Critical_Mass_ from Wlodawa, Poland –

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