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Louisville Rock Band 1

This Louisville Rock Band is a pop and punk alternative rock band.

The young, gifted musicians that make up the band are best friends, and have been playing and writing songs since they were in elementary school. They write all their own music and have been entertaining audiences in Indiana and Kentucky with their unique sound and relative lyrics. They have great energy and passion and use life experiences and influences as their inspiration to write and perform their music.

Louisville Rock Band goal

This Louisville Rock Band's desire is that others will connect with their music and they will be a positive influence for their peers. "We want other kids to use our music as a safe haven, “If they are troubled they can get lost in our music and know they aren’t alone.” The group’s desire is to send the message that although life can be challenging and tough at times, there is always hope.

They have shared the stage with Sent By Ravens, Twenty-One Pilots, Addison Road and Farewell Fighter.

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Country United States
City Louisville
State/Province Kentucky
Performer Type Musical Act

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  1. Bobbi says:

    Love the sample songs and hope to hear you in concert soon:)

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