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Indianapolis Rock Band 1

This Indianapolis Rock Band combines the rich sound of acoustic guitar with the edge of a rock band allowing them to capture a broad audience.

The singer/songwriter describes the band's sound as "an acoustic, percussive, aggressive, slightly alternative folk-rock sound that continues to mature with time." In other words: acoustic rock with an edge.

Indianapolis Rock Band influences

This Indianapolis Rock Band offers a fresh new sound, but stands on the influences of the Dave Matthews Band, Train, Vertical Horizon, Goo Goo Dolls, Foo Fighters, John Mayer and Over the Rhine.

The goal of the band is to "create good art, to reflect their creative, aesthetic nature, and to accurately and artistically convey their world view."

Indianapolis Rock Band message

Believing that a world view cannot be conveyed in one 4-minute song, this Indianapolis Rock Band takes a more holistic approach to songwriting. The songs often address the despair and struggles we face in life, but there is hope, as is best communicated in one of their songs. The chorus recognizes trials but reminds us of hope: "Dark and overbearing clouds may come/ But don't forget behind them shines the sun."

Whether it be playing in a coffeehouse, a bar, or any social function, this Indianapolis Rock Band seeks to "be honest in their humanity. " "We want to show the hope and life that exists despite the struggles in this world."

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Country United States
City Indianapolis
State/Province Indiana

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