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Ian Cussick

„The mighty Voice from Scotland“ The accolades for the Scottish singer Ian Cussick are many: "European Stevie Wonder" the headlines claim, or as Bobby Kimball (TOTO singer) is quoted as saying; "When I heard Ian for the first time I couldn´t believe this guy was for real..."

Ian Cussick credits

Australian vocalist John Farnham ("You´re The Voice") said; ..."Why have you sent me this song? I can´t do it any better than the guy on the tape..." Other well known fans of Mr. Ian Cussick are Huey Lewis ("The Power Of Love") - Steve Perry (Journey) - Nik Kershaw ("The Riddle") - Robert Palmer ("Addicted To Love") - and many more from the world of the International Pop & Rock music business.

Ian Cussick album

After the release of his first solo album "Cussick" followed eight further solo ventures with countless studio, radio and television appearances from 1977 onwards to the present day. Ian Cussick big seller "Meet Me By The Water" (three million singles sold) ( Hymnof the worldcup surfer), https://youtu.be/ofrnFA3rGQs, “Runaway Train“ https://youtu.be/NkO4w0HNuTY followed up by "Wonderlove" https://youtu.be/_p0DhT1ryhA a homage to Stevie Wonder himself, and "The Supernatural" https://youtu.be/OA5IIcPvfRo(single) which still enjoys radio air-play in the USA or MTV rotation.

What many Ian Cussick fans don´t know is that Ian wrote or participated on many Hits spread throughout the Rock/Pop world cases in point would be "Call Me Up" written for New Baccara, or "Who Dares Wins" https://youtu.be/Mfer2rRTD7w?list=RDMfer2rRTD7w which became a hit for Rene´ Froger in Europe. Ian was of course, the male lead voice with Linda & The Funky Boys with their multi-million seller "Shame Shame Shame" https://youtu.be/mdW0kQfuY3w (six million singles sold) this project going on to be placed in the European & UK charts another two times in the Top 5.

The first single, the well known band Lake released,was sang by Ian Cussick Yet another feather in the Cussick cap has to be his vocal performance on "Like Ice In The Sunshine" for the ice cream giant Langnese in Germany. This was a cult hit throughout the cinema´s and television world... https://youtu.be/a05SWVIPdb8

The Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg (also known as rapper Marky Mark) worked together with Ian on Wahlberg ´s musical dedication to Polish boxer Dariusz Michalczewski "No Mercy" https://youtu.be/ijZb8WJkTQg which sold well over a quarter million singles and went Top 40 Europewide.
Going back in time a bit, even the The Hollies (multi-chart hit band from the 1960´s) wanted Ian as their singer back in 1978 when Alan Clark left the band for his solo career. Cussick rightly (or wrongly) stood by his guns and continued working on his solo projects. Or the top US rock band Foreigner who also wanted Ian
Cussick after Lou Gramm left the band in 1979... owing to contractual obligations, Lou Gramm returned to Foreigner but it was a close thing that Ian nearly became the new Foreigner frontman.

What would have happened if Ian`s record company ha released the song " Without you" , https://youtu.be/Hat1Hc9SNwE wich Mariah Carey made a world-wide hit a year later ? To renounce as it would sound the Scotsman would have accepted the offers must not music lovers on it. With this brand new project, Ian Cussick recounts and relives those heady days of the music business singing his own up-to-date versions of music he wrote, co-wrote, or participated in throughout the past 40-something years in the music business.

Look forward to new interpretations of „Shame, Shame, Shame“ and „Like ice in the sunshine“ Experience how it would have sounded, if Ian Cussick decided to accept the offers from the Hollies and from Foreigner and playing songs like , „He ain´t heavy“, „ I wanna know what love is“, „Cold as ice“ „Juke box hero“ in completly independent versions.

A highly musical evening full of hits from 30 years of rock history with the original voice of the songs and one of the most extraordinary ones that this continent has produced. This voice will captivate you! Here comes Ian Cussick - Here comes „The King of Fate“

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