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Finnish Rock Band 1

Imagine Gwen Stefani and Blink-182 base jumping in a joint pink tutu; screaming, speed and tough situations guaranteed! Meet this Finnish Rock Band!

Finnish Rock Band members

They are a four-piece group from Finland which plays pop punk with influences from skate punk, hip hop and dance pop. To date they have released three singles, EP and a music video. This Finnish Rock Band made several tours around Europe. They have released their debut EP, ´I love you I hate you´ in January 2014 and played venues in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Stockholm, Helsinki and Amsterdam among others.

Finnish Rock Band performance

The band is all about wild and energetic gigs, happy melodies and catchy hooklines. The lead singer screams her lungs out loud´ while the bassist is the rage on stage. The drummer completes the band and da bass man is just way too cool to do anything. This wicked play-along performance can end up anywhere just to make the crowd go wild! Get ready for this Finnish Rock Band.

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