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Serbian Electro Rock Musician 1

This project is the project of a talented Serbian Electro Rock Musician.

He started this project in 2005. The music genre that he is represented is hard to define in a specific genre. It is best described as drum' bass, rock, electro house. His music is imbued with attacking beats, hard guitar riffs, live bass lines, crazy keyboard harmonies and also with tender female vocals.

Serbian Electro Rock Musician style

The songs are arranged in a modern rock style and are recorded with high quality mastering.

Listeners are fascinated with the variety of every song, with amazing transitions and different modes. This Serbian Electro Rock Musician is currently working on his album that will be released in 2011. He is also recording his first music video and collaborating with many artists from all around the world.

This Serbian Electro Rock Musician background

He is the leader of two band. One of the band is a legendary punk band from Serbia that has been playing for 30 years. The other band is a new school, hardcore, screamo band that has been around for 20 years.

This Serbian Electro Rock Musician has played over 1,000 shows with these two band and has received numerous awards from Serbian TV stations and newspapers. He is planning to come and work in USA in order to present his work to a larger audience.

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