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Chicago Rock Band 2

This Chicago Rock Band is located out of Chicago, IL producing music for the rock and alternative genre. They all are influenced by quintessential American Rock & Roll, the band’s riding the heels of re-emerging classic rock pushing them to the forefront of the music scene.

Chicago Rock Band lead vocalist

Known for his strong presence and vocal abilities, Rick's talent for songwriting and composition is just as impressive. Above all, he is a trained and versatile vocalist with a wealth of arranging and producing experiences that have helped develop his signature sound. Besides performing with this Chicago Rock Band, he’s toured with Captive Heart (MTM Music 1993) and the Chicago land mega band Mammoth! His influences range from The Eagles, Journey and James Taylor to Elvis. Critics exclaimed, “Original and Powerful!”

Chicago Rock Band drummer

One of the most talented drummers in Chicago, John is also one of the most experience members of this Chicago Rock Band, having held the drum chair for major acts such as Columbia recording artist The Hounds, MTV famed Kevin Friend and The Gruesomes. He’s mastered many styles over the years with all of his influences clearly demonstrated through his recordings and live performances. John endorses SONOR drums and Zildjian cymbals.

This Chicago Rock Band's bassist is an accomplished musician in multiple styles and genres, music’s been a part of Charlie’s life since his existence. His influences range from Geddy Lee, Chris Squire to Jaco and Stanley Clark. He loves performing live and his energetic stage presence and superb bass tone pushes audiences into a groove which can’t be denied. He’s toured with VIVID, Nashville Star Nicole Jamrose and Mother Funk and endorses Fender and Aguilar Amplification.

Playing guitar and composing songs came most naturally to Pete at a very early age. And over the years, Pete has co-written several songs with Jim Peterik, from the mega band Survivor/The Ides of March /Pride of Lions. Pete’s influences are Neal Schon, Robin Trower Mick Jones to name a few and he’s toured with Lincoln Field and The Influences. Pete endorses Fender, Ibanez, Soldano, Marshall and way too many effects pedals!

Underneath those luscious sound textures resides Wayne. Performing professionally since a very young age, he’s an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who’s proficient on keyboards, guitar, programming, sequencing and he’s the band’s electronics guru. Well-adverse in many styles, wayne's raw talent, excellent vocal range and spacious soundscapes are predominant elements of this Chicago Rock Band's sound. Wayne endorses Korg, Fender, TOA, and many software/hardware products and applications and is a favorite at pro audio stores.

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Country United States
City Chicago
State/Province Illinois

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