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Birmingham Rock Singer 1

From beneath a shock of blond hair this Birmingham Rock Singer's richly-toned and clear vocals deliver songs in a unique way that both entertain and elucidate. She is able to perform songs from all genres with her own special interpretation that lifts the music to another level - a stage personality that is taking the crowd with her.

Birmingham Rock Singer show

Sometimes we have the up-close, in-your-ear and personal touch accompanied by gentle acoustic guitar. At other times this Birmingham Rock Singer is at full stretch; the party animal with the screaming guitar, the lithe and chic rock chick in your face. She creates a show each night that gives the audience more than just great entertainment.

Birmingham Rock Singer progression

Having worked with many different ensembles and line-ups, her decision to be a solo artist was a natural progression. From lead guitar in an all-girl band with attitude to corporate gigs around the world, this Birmingham Rock Singer has carefully honed her multi instrumental skills and innate stagecraft, emerging from her long apprenticeship as a truly individual musician and talented performer – one that audiences relate to and enjoy.

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Country United Kingdom
Performer Type Musical Act

2 responses to “Birmingham Rock Singer 1”

  1. Dave Viney says:

    ʻWe programmed [this artist] onto the alternative stage at Birmingham Pride, she exceeded our expectations, was totally professional and played to a very high standard. The crowd loved her and her guest singers were excellent.” – Dave Viney – Festival Organiser

  2. David Brockwell says:

    [This artist] was a revelation – a friend had recommended her and we’d seen video of [her] “one woman Rock show” but this was more of an acoustic opening slot for the fringe festival weekend at The George Hotel..The range of material, crystal clear vocals and engagement with an audience obviously transfers to any setting and she made a lot of new friends here – uplifting and distinctive – highly recommended !” – David Brockwell, Fringe Festival Organiser

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