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Columbus Rock and Roll Band 1

From the beginning in 1966, this Columbus Rock and Roll Band was Sir Timothy and the Royals. Tim Corwin started the band and it was very popular in Ohio around Cleveland, Columbus and Mansfield. They had released several songs on 45 records and in the mix, some promoters heard about the band and asked if they would change the name of the band to the Ohio Express to play music that had already been recorded. Tim and the band agreed to a deal, but when it came time for the promoters to pay up, like most bands from the 60's, the band did not get paid. But the experience of playing in a nationally known act at huge venues all over the United States, Europe and Japan has given Tim the drive to make the band more successful now than ever.

Columbus Rock and Roll Band members

Thirty five years later, this new band that he started in 2007, has put this Columbus Rock and Roll Band back on a new path. The band is Tim Corwin, lead vocals and percussion; Guy Hoffman, Bass and vocals; John Baker Lead Guitar and Vocals; Jeff Burgess, Keyboards and Vocals; Warren Sawyer, Keyboards, Lead Guitar, and Vocals and last but not least, Brad Herring on Drums. So what you are listening to is a classic rock band with over 200 years of experience to share with the audience. Five lead singers that can play and sing all artists from Dream Theater to The Beach Boys.

Columbus Rock and Roll Band specialty

This Columbus Rock and Roll Band specializes in one hit wonders and finally they bring to the table, Yummy Yummy Yummy, Chewy Chewy, Beg Borrow & Steal, Mercy Mercy and 10 other songs that were all on the top 40 Billboard Charts. The most recent development for the band, they are headed to the studio to record a CD and Video of the band that we hope you can enjoy soon!

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Country United States
City Columbus
State/Province Ohio
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