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Reggaeton Artist 1

His casual attitude at that moment of pinnacle achievement was hard-earned. This Reggaeton Artist was born when his mother was just 17, and raised without the benefit of a father, he grew up in a relatively bucolic suburban Nicaraguan setting, but that soured after his family relocated to Los Angeles.

Reggaeton Artist success

Badly bullied and surrounded by gangs throughout his teenage years. The result was an accelerated,knuckle-splitting maturation that found an appropriately untamed outlet in rapping. He was on his way. Despite the fact that his 1996 debut song went virtually unnoticed, within two years, this Reggaeton Artist attained-via the sensational international success that made him a household name.

"The premise behind everything I do is not only to make people dance, but to empower and encourage," he says. "There's a lot of job loss and people losing their homes and hope, and dreams right now. It's important to have a message of empowerment out there. Specially within my Latin community out there: the message that people must speak positively that they create their world by what they say."

Reggaeton Artist traditions

Multiple Music Genres Concentrated in one Single Act. This Reggaeton Artist revealed how Latinos have reinvented their music in the U.S and forged new identities within this country, while never losing sight of their own rich traditions.

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

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