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Toronto Reggae Singer 1

After releasing several popular singles from her long awaited sophomore album "Real Talk" the petite Reggae songstress with a big voice and distinctive vocal style, this Toronto Reggae Singer is showing why she has been on a music award winning fast-track. Residing in Toronto, most recently she was presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal by the Governor of Canada. Closely following this achievement she received the Trail Blazer Award from the organizers of Jamaica Day, adding to an already well stacked Reggae music awards cabinet. In a genre where women are seldom singled out for recognition; you might wonder what makes her so very special?

As a solo artist this Toronto Reggae Singer has a lot going for herself. She writes, records, produces and is the Musical Ambassador for Read Across Jamaica Foundation; and if you've ever caught her stage performance you immediately sense that she performs from her heart therefore it's no surprise that "Real Talk" distributed by VP Records does just that...gets right down to the heart of the matter. Music on the album supported by engaging lyrical content will probably make you sit up and say "yeah that's right" because the songs contain a strong message from a carefully selected range of topics from universal inner city problems to personal experiences including friendship and love relationships all from a woman's unique perspective.

Toronto Reggae Singer album

The album jacket lists impressive collaborations with some of the most respected names in Reggae production including Mikie Bennett, Bobby Digital, Sheldon Stewart aka Cali Bud, Computer Paul and Danny Maestro. In its entirety the "Real Talk" album is a breath of fresh air at a time when fully grown sophisticated listeners bombarded with one beat repetitive robotic type lyrics (primarily meant to incite gyrating) crave fully explored instrumentals accompanied by lyrics that go deeper to actually tell a story relevant to their lives and world-wide social issues.

As this Toronto Reggae Singer explains "keeping it real is what I'm all about" and that commitment is evident in her engaging performance style that focuses on educating, motivating, uplifting and inspiring people from all walks of life. With excellent reviews mounting, the latest single release from the Real Talk album "Bed Of Fire" has been on the rise on major Reggae charts in Canada and the USA where she enjoys a loyal and growing following and has generated a positive response in Italy too. As her releases continues to do well this Toronto Reggae Singer has been invited to grace the stages of several noteworthy festivals including "Groovin' in the Park" and "Reggae Culture Salute" in New York (an event where in a significant statement Queen of Reggae Marcia Griffiths unexpectedly called her out to join her on stage). This artist also performed at the prestigious "Festival of Life" in Chicago, "People's Festival" in Delaware, "Jerk Fest" in Philadelphia and "Jamaica Day" in Toronto and at a multitude of local area shows throughout the continental US.

Toronto Reggae Singer vision

As a professional artist who happens to be a woman in Reggae, she is a tribute to female fortitude and drive as she shares her optimistic vision of life and all the possibilities for a better future. Suitable for everyone's listening pleasure this Toronto Reggae Singer "Real Talk" album is available on iTunes and all online outlets.

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