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Cleveland Reggae Band 1

This Cleveland Reggae Band mission is to utilize reggae music as a catalyst to unite all people. The Vision is to ensure that the voices of the oppressed are heard through reggae music. The band’s journey began in the late 70’s, when six brothers from Jamaica decided to come together as a unit to express themselves through reggae roots music from Jamaica.

Cleveland Reggae Band performances

The first gigs this Cleveland Reggae Band played were at the Daily’s Blue Mountain Inn, Pirates Cove in the Flats, and Peabody’s Down Under also in the flats. The Band continued to perform in several venues across Northeast Ohio, including Agora, Fox 8 Cleveland, Mid West Reggae Fest, Beachland Ballroom, The Grog Shop, Caribbean Flavor, Whiskey Island (Burning River Festival), Hessler Street Fair, Twilight at the Zoo, Shooters in the Water, Shaker Skating Club, Fountain Square ( Cincinnati-OH) as well as Private and Corporate Parties.

Cleveland Reggae Band album

In the middle to late 80’s this Cleveland Reggae Band went to the studio and recorded “Brand New Place” and “Coming From a Long Long Way” which debut on the reggae scene with relatives success. During the early 90’s the band went on hiatus for a few years and resurfaced in 2000 as the band you see today. Today they are still committed to its mission and continues to plays roots reggae music despite the many changes that reggae music has faced over the years.

They are also instrumental in the progress of reggae music in Northeast Ohio, specifically Cleveland where the band is based. The next step is to take this Cleveland Reggae Band to another level and we invite you to join them on this journey.

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Country United States
City Cleveland
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