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Portland R&B Band 1

This acclaimed singer, songwriter, producer and composer, founded this Portland R&B Band in 2008 with a 10-piece band.

The first band comprised three vocalists; small horn section and a local band that was converted from its soft rock cover roots. After a year of thrilling audiences across the state with their tremendous energy and proven ability to entertain with memorable cover tunes, this Portland R&B Band started out on a journey to create its own identity and original tracks.

Portland R&B Band style

The gentle weaving of old school R&B, soul and Motown musical blends captured the true essence of the bands existence, while preparing them for over a year long musical journey to bring out their own style of music. This mixture of musical genres prompted the leader of the band to coin their particular style as “Rhythmic Soul”! Along with his writing partner of two years, the pair penned the group’s first self-produced project to a reception of good reviews.

This new group of self-determined focused musicians shares their talents as well as their stories of love, heartbreak and triumph through lyrical sincerity and instrumental power. This Portland R&B Band is a completely self-contained musical group that produces, engineers, promote, manage, write, bookings, compose and perform all of their own tracks and produce their own promotional material. They are currently in the process of recording new material for their upcoming sophomore CD; sure to be filled with more truthful R&B!

Portland R&B Band future

This group is destined to become a favorite of musical enthusiasts because of their ability to be dedicated to a genre that promotes what they stand for and represent. This Portland R&B Band is sophisticated, tasteful, and soulful.

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Country United States
City Portland
State/Province Oregon

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