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Los Angeles R&B Singer 1

The Los Angeles R&B Singer, Johnny Britt, is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, trumpeter, arranger and composer in the entertainment industry. Johnny has three #1 Billboard Singles as a songwriter.

Los Angeles R&B Singer credits

This Los Angeles R&B Singer has worked behind the scenes in the recording studio or live on stage with some of the biggest artists and projects in the industry. They are Quincy Jones, Josh Groban, David Bowie, Jennifer Lopez, The Temptations, Luther Vandross, Maxwell, David Foster,., Boney James, Water For Elephants, Ides Of March, The Lion King, Forest Gump, Spiderman 3, American Idol, The Temptations Story, The Little Richard Story and recently the music producer for the TV Show America Sings.

Los Angeles R&B Singer studies

This Los Angeles R&B Singer studied music just outside of Paris, France at the The Versailles Conservatory of Music where he studied trumpet with the first trumpet player from the Paris Opera Roger Delmette … Johnny studied there for three years and is fluent in French. After his studies abroad Johnny moved back to the US and earned a music scholarship from Governors State University where Johnny obtained a BA in Music and won the Gerald Myrow Award for Outstanding Composer.

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Country United States
City Los Angeles
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

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