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Greensboro R&B Singer 1

This Greensboro R&B Singer is an unsigned, independent artist and songwriter. She is one of the first African American women to receive a full basketball scholarship to Wake Forest University. She received my BA in Mass Communications & Theatre Arts. She played on the first professional women's basketball team (NWBA) in Charlotte, NC. Later she went to Europe and played on a professional women's division one basketball team for several years. She also taught and coached at St. John's International School in Europe and taught in Forsyth County Public Schools as well for several years.

Greensboro R&B Singer CD

While in Europe this Greensboro R&B Singer reconnected with her passion for music and the very first song she wrote, sung and performed,(The Atmosphere That Surrounds Me), became #1 on the dance charts in several European countries. Since returning to the States to care for elderly family members, she has put together a neo-soul/R&B/jazz full length CD called Dimensions Of Love Vol.1 and a full length CD called Ladies With Game(Ladyballers) which promotes and gives tribute to women playing basketball all around the world. Also she has released a single and video called "A Positive Flow" which shows our today's youth showcasing their God given gifts and talents and promoting a positive flow. She also has several professional videos promoting other music projects.

Greensboro R&B Singer tribute

Some listeners compare her song "Candy" to the style of the late great Phyllis Hyman and this is an honor to her. Thanks to the help of her adorable little lady ballers. She has also just released a song giving tribute to women basketball players worldwide, past present and future. After 20 years she plans on returning to Europe this year and reconnecting with her old fans and creating new fans. This Greensboro R&B Singer’s desire and goal is to pay it forward and be blessed to be a blessing.

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Country United States
City Greensboro
State/Province North Carolina

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