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Enchantment featuring Jobie Thomas

Close your eyes and prepare for a musical journey of smooth, romantic and warm lyrics. This describes the distinct sound of Enchantment.

In 1967 Enchantment was formed at Pershing High School in the city known as Motown. The multi-talented original lineup consisted of Joe (Jobie) Thomas, Emanuel (E.J.) Johnson, Dave Banks Jr., Edgar “Mickey” Clanton and Bobby Green. The group obtained their first recording contract in 1969, in addition to $500.00, by winning first place in a radio station (WCHB) talent contest.

From that moment forward, Enchantment was recognized as one of the “up and coming” groups. By popular demand the group began performing various engagements around the Detroit area.

In 1976 Enchantment signed with Roadshow Records, distributed by United Artist, and recorded their self-entitled debut album. The first single to ride the charts for the locally popular group was “Come On and Ride.” Later that year the charismatic showmen received national acclaim with the release of their second single “Gloria”, which catapulted the group into stardom. The smash hit was deemed as one of the most popular songs of 1976 and ’77. Enchantment did not stop there. The group followed up with more hit songs.
Hits like “Sunshine”, “Where Do We Go From Here”, “Forever More”, “Silly Love Song”, and the number “1” record “It’s You That I Need” featuring Jobie Thomas on lead vocals.

Jobie was always a writer and singer. Many don’t know his father was an ordained minister at the Church of God In Christ. As the result, Jobie was raised in the church often attending 4 days a week.

Being raised in Detroit, Jobie was exposed to many soon to be famous entertainers like Eddie Kendricks (The Temptations), Diana Ross (The Supremes) and Smokey Robinson (The Miracles) to name a few. Growing and watching the rise of these entertainers encouraged young Jobie to form his first group, The Three Cousins, which was made up of all family members.

Jobie always knew his name belonged amongst the greats. He accomplished his goal for over 30 years as a powerful creative writing force within the music industry. Primarily, Joe Thomas will always be known as a silky voiced lead singer for Enchantment.

Today, Joe “Jobie” Thomas is leading a new charge of Enchantment, Enchantment featuring Jobie Thomas.

Enchantment featuring Jobie Thomas members

Anthony Thomas, a dramatic and powerful lead vocalist with over 30 years of industry experience. You may have heard him open for the Dells, Chi-Lites, D-Train, the Spin Spinners, and the Isley Brothers with his “The New Testament Band.”

Ollie Bolds thrills the crowd with a vocal range from 1st tenor to bass. This California native has performed lead and back –up vocals with Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, The Whispers, and Bobby Brown.

Al Burrus serenades the ladies with his sweet and sensual falsetto voice. In addition to being a lead singer for over 30 years, Al has been onstage with artist such as Ray Goodman & Brown, Confunkshun, and Jerry Butler. He has also appeared in various national stage plays.

Warren “Julian” has a smooth sultry five octave range allowing him to touch people of all races, genre and age. Julian’s exceptional tribute to Motown great “Smokey Robinson” afforded a starring role in the hit stage play Vanessa Holmes “A Tribute To Motown Greats.”

Enchantment featuring Jobie Thomas

Today Enchantment featuring Jobie Thomas is thrilling crowds around the world with a dynamic “live” show second to none! Their debonair, soulful sound continues to transcend from the 70’s well into the 21st Century. So when you hear the names Anthony Thomas, Ollie Bolds, Al Burrus, Warren “Julian” and of course Joe “Jobie” Thomas sit back, relax, and close your eyes to prepare for a great musical experience. The story continues…Prepare to return to the land of Enchantment!

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