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Dallas R&B Singer 1

This 24 years old Dallas R&B Singer was born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn. He served in the military prior to starting his music career. He has been writing, singing and performing R&B and Soul music for the past two years and currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

He is a full time R&B, Pop and Soul singer. His experiences in life has shown him that having a strong sense of connection with God and as well as mental fortitude is required for dealing with harshness of the reality of being involved in the music industry. With a journey every long, this Dallas R&B Singer overcame many obstacles thus far. He was once a shining soldier in the US Navy, a career was cut short due to acts of his own imperfection. He then learned what it is was like to loose everything he had of material value all at once and was reduced to living on the streets of San Diego, California. Through this, it was his singing and writing that pushed him. He prayed that once he preserved through, he would give back. With that epiphany, he realized, his sound saved him and now its time for him sound to save others.

Dallas R&B Singer goal

From then on, this Dallas R&B Singer put in the work to write and compose tracks. An example would be the song, BABY MAKN LUV… The significance of the name of the single is that the song has a quality that reflects the same impression that one was left with old school R & B from the 90’s decade. This is a quality that though slightly different to today’s R&B, is still highly marketable. His goal is to provide a listening sound which digs to the core of the listening fan base and move their inner soul.

The listener feels every groove that oozes out of this artist. And if that time is right, then, you never know….It is about having appreciation for your significant other, keeping that love alive and vibrant. This song has a playful feel to it, it is very enticing with a fabulous rhythm and great vocals. You feel it right to the end. Just make sure you have your love with you when you listen to it – it’s that powerful.

Dallas R&B Singer talent

He was blessed with a talent that he can actually produce good music. Given the proper resources to reach more than just a limited mass, the material that this Dallas R&B Singer would be bringing out would pull in an even larger mass of a fan base. An opportunity such as this is what he requires. He sings because he loves to and as of now he cannot see himself doing anything else. This is a journey where there are uncertainties about but the goal to give it everything and put his best sound and foot forward. As a result, when that opportunity comes then will push to the next level. He will be more than ready.

This Dallas R&B Singer is presently located in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and constantly on a grinding hustle. His determination is fueled by an unrivaled motivation to reach the top. His tracks which range from expressionist love ballads to up tempo club songs. Ultimately, He aims to please the listeners. In just a relatively short time he has accomplished a lot as an upcoming artist, reaching a middle class status. Most would dream of the opportunities his eyes have witnessed as he takes part. It is apparent that he has no limit... The fruits of this Dallas R&B Singer's labor will provide a listening experience moving in the way that old R&b songs of back in the day moved hearts, bodies and souls.

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