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Atlanta R&B Singer 4

When asked to describe herself, this Atlanta R&B Singer lets out a mischievous grin and states matter-of-factly, “ I am just a loose cannon; I am liable to say and do ANYTHING!” Then her naughty grin dissipates and her thoughtful and thankful smile returns.

Her infectious charisma cannot be contained into one box. She is inspired by the memory of her father, who passed 2007, and her life experiences in the streets of Florida.

Atlanta R&B Singer passion

You can hear her story and passion in her music. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s uncensored, and it is truly powerful. To know this Atlanta R&B Singer is to know her music. It is there that she gives you light into her world. “I write and sing about my life and that’s why my songs are instantly relatable,” says the singer whose vocal idol is gospel icon Karen Clark Sheard. She also adores all genres of music ranging from Mozart and Bach, to Gwen Stefani and Sarah McLachlan, to Donny Hathaway and Brandy.

Sultry, sexy, and unadulterated R&B singer, she is giving you something real to listen to.

Atlanta R&B Singer album

The unsigned artist gearing up to sign with a major label has an album in the works and a new smash single featuring a hypersexual duet with R&B sensation Pleasure P formerly of Pretty Ricky. The song also features the production artistry of Lil Ronnie (Brittany Spears, Bow Wow, & R. Kelly). This Atlanta R&B Singer's story is bursting with up’s and downs, achievements as well as disappointments. “Singing is a source of healing for me. If it’s not real, how can I expect other people to believe it?”

One thing remains constant to all who know and love her as family, friend, or fan: her sincerity.

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Country United States
City Atlanta
State/Province Georgia
Performer Type Musical Act

One response to “Atlanta R&B Singer 4”

  1. Ken Kershaw says:

    I have seen this young lady perform here in South Florida and she is and will some day be the biggest name on the charts. She was a class act when she performed at Club Play and really moved the crowd in the club. If you get the chance to see this young lady sing, by all means get there.

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