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Washington DC R&B Band 1

  • 1,511 user views 0 reviews

This artist was born in Washington, DC. Known for his distinguishably coy style of performing, he is a rare and well sought after International Recording Artist and Musician.His musical experience is ...

Miami R&B Singer 1

  • 3,117 user views 0 reviews

Multi-talented, Live Performer and Recording Artist, this Miami R&B Singer was born to a multi-Platinum, international recording artist. At a young age, she toured with her mother, dancing, acting and...


Miami R&B Singer 4

  • 3,363 user views 0 reviews

This Miami R&B Singer is all about the positive. This woman’s got a major league voice, the kind A&R guys from Stax, Motown, and Atlantic used to go crazy for: silky smooth but with a lot ...

London R&B Singer

  • 4,780 user views 2 reviews

This London R&B Singer is an Indie-Soul singer/songwriter was born in the UK and is of Nigerian heritage as both of her parents were born there. Not only is she talented and gifted, but she is also wh...


Miami R&B Singer 2

  • 2,741 user views 0 reviews

In a world of overnight sensations, this Miami R&B Singer has come from the road less traveled. In an era where most singers are "auto-tuned," manufactured and packaged for entertainment value, this s...


Philadelphia R&B Singer 1

  • 2,839 user views 0 reviews

This Philadelphia R&B Singer, Songwriter, and Arranger was born and raised in Dallas, TX. He was a child prodigy who grew up singing and playing instruments at the tender age of five....


New York R&B Singer 2

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This New York R&B Singer, Songwriter and Musician comes originally from a small town North of Jacksonville Florida, "St. Mary’s, GA" and had the ability, as a child, to fluently communicate with an ...


Atlanta R&B Singer 1

  • 2,522 user views 0 reviews

After a five-year hiatus, this Atlanta R&B Singer has released a new project digitally and on CD worldwide. Part two of the sophomore project will drop late Spring, 2011 which includes a duet with Ind...


Miami R&B Singer 3

  • 2,329 user views 0 reviews

This Miami R&B Singer's latest endeavor brilliantly blends classic R&B with current grooves and together you get a musical masterpiece featuring the cool, smooth sounds of songs like “Count 2 3,” ...


Fort Wayne R&B Singer 1

  • 2,599 user views 0 reviews

This Fort Wayne R&B Singer was born May 2, 1988 in Heidelberg, Germany. She knew very early she wanted to pursue singing....


Perry Danos

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Perry Danos hails from Chicago, where the blues went electric, and where, to this day, a boundless variety of sounds echoes through the city streets – from rock, blues and jazz to R&B, country and t...


Atlanta R&B Singer 2

  • 4,756 user views 0 reviews

It is with great pleasure to introduce to you one of the music industry's newest and most sought after talents. This Atlanta R&B Singer soulful sound yet contemporary style merges both the young and y...