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New York Pop Group 1

This New York Pop Group is making huge waves throughout the nation and the world as a multi-talented pop duo. They have proved to be a mega phenomenon wherever they perform. They have been an opening act for such greats as the Crystals, JLS, The Plain White T’s and Hot Chelle Rae and are well on their way to becoming the main attraction.

The group consists of Eddie, 20 and Zach 19, who have been performing since very young ages, appearing in off-broadway, commercials, movies, television and have truly emerged as great singers and entertainers whose talents are being recognized throughout the world.

These pop icons have been up and down the east coast, some parts of the west coast, as well as some southern states where they have performed at schools, events, benefits, festivals, parties, theme parks and clubs bringing their felicitous music to all ages who immerse themselves in the upbeat tempo of their songs and exhilarate in their contagious energetic performances.

They perform covers, as well as their original hits, some of which were co-written with award winning producer, Eddie Galan and Mach I Music, who has helped them develop their own unique sound.

New York Pop Group credits

This New York Pop Group is the new wave of “Boy Band” with their electrified pop sound that will get your feet tapping and your body swaying. Their infectious songs spent six weeks at No. 1 on Their official music video, “When The Beat Drops” was awarded Best Video 2012 at the Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood. They have also been nominated for Best New Pop Artist through many Indie Artist Channels. Their songs are on steady rotation throughout the world on various indie music radio stations and they have been featured on Songshooters, Radio Café Top Ten Countdown, Revolver Underground & Butterflies Radio, to name a few.

This New York Pop Group has been featured in Songwriter’s Monthly September 2010, Issue 128, along with a featured article in Stars2Come at Talented Kid’s Depot. They’ve also had featured interviews for UK Magazine, Essential Pop and US Magazine, Juniors Cave. They have been interviewed by IAE Magazine, February 2011 issue and Rising Star Magazine. They’ve been featured on Jen Smart Radio, Natalie’s Interviews, and several other indie radio channels.

They released their new album last year, Best of the Best and is currently recording two new songs that have been highly anticipated by their fans and music industry executives.

New York Pop Group future

Since this New York Pop Group has emerged onto the music scene, they have attracted audiences of all ages with their contagious energy and zeal for performing. They draw attention everywhere they go with their dynamic personalities. They are taking the nation by storm and it will only be a short time before they truly emerge as the No. 1 pop duo in the world.

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Country United States
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