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This New York Pop Singer was born in Haiti, started playing the drums at the age of 4. At the age of 10, he started playing in night clubs for various bands where all his music training was influenced, including from church. At the age of 15, he began performing with Strings, one of the most known international bands. With the band’s history, Strings took a new talented drummer with so many skills. The band drastically improved with his artistic style. One would say an individual learns from being in a group of talented musicians but this artist has it all pretty much down to the core.

New York Pop Singer performances

The word around the street: this Pop Singer has a natural gift and the ear for music. He also played with artists and groups such as: Keri Hilson, Carlos Santana, Wyclef Jean, Tabou Combo, Strings, and Ziggy Marley. In addition to performing in the United States, he entertained audiences in Japan, Africa, Panama ,St Barths, Anguilla , Belgium, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Leon, St. Lucia, Martinique, Santo Domingo, Canada, and France. Influenced by recording engineers, music producers, and other musicians he now, at the age of 21, has taken an additional role as a music producer!

This New York Pop Singer has been singing in churches since he was a young one but was always more encouraged to continue playing the drums. He decided to take singing as seriously as the drums along with writing and producing. As a plus, he is truly a talented artist and for love? Well, he’s a romantic at song writing! His debut single has the streets talking of a new sound that just can’t yet be defined. There is just no comparison to what he has to offer to the world. This hot new artist has got people hooked on.

New York Pop Singer talents

An evolution to a new beginning in the hip hop industry. Is there anything this man doesn’t do? Drumming, singing, writing, producing, composing…let’s just say he plays other instruments as well. If you need to be at his level, you need to keep up with this talented New York Pop Singer.

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Country United States
City New York City
State/Province New York
Performer Type Musical Act

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