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Los Angeles Pop Singer 4

This Los Angeles Pop Singer grew up in Houston and Albuquerque, lived and worked in Nashville, toured in nearly 30 countries, and is now based in the Los Angeles area. Her music provides an insight into her soul, her travels and all the wonderful people she encounters along the way.

This Los Angeles Pop Singer grew up singing in the church choir and began taking classical voice at age 12. “My older sister sang, inspired me to try singing, and helped me realize I had some basic talent. My passion for live performance and having the guts and gusto to try things and to persevere, is what has helped me now make a living with my voice and music.” She took classical voice at Baylor University, and while at Baylor, she also took Commercial Voice and Rock Band at McClennan Community College. She then transferred to Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee to become and graduate as a Vocal Performance Major. She also minored in Music Business. She picked up piano, guitar and songwriting lessons and courses all along the way.

Los Angeles Pop Singer albums

Since then, this Los Angeles Pop Singer has recorded 6 professional studio albums, toured worldwide, has written a number 1 song and 5 other top 10 songs. Her music has been placed in films and she was recently named Hot Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year with the 2010 L.A. Music Awards. She is working to continue expanding her artist career as well as to branch into acting for TV and film.

Los Angeles Pop Singer award

Billboard Magazine describes this Los Angeles Pop Singer music as an intriguing mixture of edgy, acoustic rock tunes painted by her songwriting talents and evocative vocals. Her music is good hooks, melodies and an upbeat tempo. And her energetic live performance is fun, authentic, and memorable. Upon her arrival on the west coast, she won HOT AC ARTIST OF THE YEAR in the 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards. "I'm so thrilled to be part of the LA Music Awards! I just moved to LA from Nashville, and have loved the journey so far. This win is like a welcome greeting reaffirming that I'm in the right place."

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