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Baton Rouge Rock Band 1

There are a million other bands out there. The only way to decide if you want to add this Baton Rouge Rock Band to your collection is to listen...twice.

Baton Rouge Rock Band residence

They are based out of Baton Rouge Louisiana and they are quickly rising onto the music scene as a songwriting/performing force to be reckoned with. The (recently turned) three piece started in mid-2008 and is proving to become better and better as the years pass. They released their first EP album in June of 2010. With an nice dance rock vibe coming out of their newest release and a killer music video of their own version of Bad Romance, these guys are putting in a lot of work that should only take them higher. Keep an eye out for this Baton Rouge Rock Band on the rise. They released their second EP in June of 2011 and planning to release their full length album early 2012.

Baton Rouge Rock Band members

They consist of three writers/vocalists/musicians with writing influences such as Michael Jackson, The Used, Queen, The Killers, Muse, and My Chemical Romance. With this Baton Rouge Rock Band constantly pushing their song writing abilities, you will never be let down by what they do next. This is truly a band you will want to grow with for the years to come!

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Country United States
City Baton Rouge
State/Province Louisiana
Performer Type Musical Act
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