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This accordionist came early to polka and stayed late. She has played in Polkacide, Thee Hellhounds and the Stir-ups. Her French music trio plays frequently in San Francisco. She is passionate about the accordion. She hopes that you are too.

She began planing in the honky tonks of Central Texas, eventually finding her way to the bay area, where she currently resides. She play a lot in the midwest and goes there whenever she can. She especially likes the food in Milwaukee. Also the people. They're really nice.

When she recorded an album as a one-time-only project, it turned out to be so much fun making the first record that she decided to keep the band going. They adopted the album title as their name and the rest is history. They play polkas of the world in a style unlike anyone else's. The band members, between the six of them, have played blues, jazz, C&W, rock, and just about any other style you can think of. They bring a little bit of all this diverse music to the polka table.

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Country United States
City San Francisco
State/Province California
Performer Type Musical Act

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