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Minneapolis Polka Band 2

In the year 2000 the leader of this Minneapolis Polka Band decided to start his own band, featuring the traditional Czech, German, and Dutchmen style. Starting out as a five piece band, the band progressed and put out a recording in 2002. This recording featured three of his original compositions, along with a duet.

Minneapolis Polka Band recordings

As time went on the band grew to a six to seven piece band and put out another recording in 2004. This recording really showcased the writing ability of his uncle. This album includes tunes like “Fritze Polka” and “Beloved Be Faithful.” These selections were played by great bands like the Earl Schmidt & Jerry Schuft Band and the Ivan Kahle Band. This recording is proof of the admiration that the leader of this Minneapolis Polka Band had for these bands while growing up.

Minneapolis Polka Band latest recording

They put out their latest recording in 2009. This recording features songs like "Loveless Polka", "Cherry Pickers", "Bartender Polka", and "Finska Valsen (Silver Lake) Waltz". This recording really showcases the wide varitey of music of their library. This recording also features a bunch of vocals in songs like "Please Maria Don't You Cry", "Swissboy Waltz", and "The West A Nest And You Dear Waltz".

The leader of this Minneapolis Polka Band is really thankful for the success of his band, which is due to the great musicians that have been involved in his band.

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