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La Crosse Polka Band 2

The leader of this La Crosse Polka Band has carried on a family tradition that goes back to the 1800's. Being the youngest of five children, it was not unusual for his dad and all of the children to sit in the kitchen and play music. At the age of 3, his grandfather told everyone that he would be a great musician one day. Being a concertina player himself, Grandpa was correct. At the age of 6, this artist began playing the trumpet. After a couple of years, he joined his dad's band playing the second trumpet. Not being fully satisfied he decided to sneak into his dad's closet and try out the concertina. When his dad was off driving school bus he would practice the concertina.

La Crosse Polka Band leader

One Sunday afternoon as the family took their afternoon nap, he took his dad's concertina out of the closet and practiced. When his dad woke up from his nap, he played "At the Spring Waltz." From that time on the concertina was never locked in the closet and practicing became a 6 to 8 hour daily routine for him. Sometimes he would go and practice in their barn just to give his family a break.

Although the leader of this La Crosse Polka Band can read trumpet music, concertina music remained foreign to him. Music has naturally come easy to this artist which has enabled him to play from the heart and allow him to compose beautiful songs. Several of his compositions have been recorded and played by many bands in the Midwest.

La Crosse Polka Band members

He started his own band in 1985. It started as a six-piece band. As the years passed by, many larger bands decreased to 3-4 piece bands. However, twenty years later, this artist is one of the few band leaders who still maintains a six-piece band. In his words, the credit would go to loyal side musicians who still love to be part of a big band. This La Crosse Polka Band has secured one of the finest names in old time music.

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Country United States
City La Crosse
State/Province Wisconsin
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