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Ahmad Azad

Ahmad Azad is also a composer, a poet, a writer, a journalist, a photographer, a radio and TV show producer and a MC. He was born in SE of Iran the State of Sistan and Baludhastan and he was raised in Esfahan.

Ahmad Azad has been in Radio and TV show since he was a teenager and he has worked in more than ten TV and Radio Stations so far. He got himself in hot water since he started producing and hosting Bamdade Adineh Show in Pars TV Eleven years ago.

Ahmad Azad education

Ahmad Azad started his vocal training as a traditional Iranian singer at 11 years old. His first Master was Mr. Taj Esfahani , who taught him Radif and Dastgsh and his first vocal trainer was Mr. Hoshang Behashti in Esfahan. He had other Masters and Trainers as well: Mr. Loghman Adhami (Theory of Music) Siavash Zandagani, Mr. Mehdi Takastani( Traditional Music), Radif and Dastgah and he also attended a School of Music to learn more about Western Music.

Ahmad Azad achievements

Electrical Engineer
Flight Engineer
Corporate Pilot
Social Psychologist
Clinical hypnotherapist
Doctor of Metaphysical Counseling

Ahmad Azad recorded more than 20 CDs and 250 songs.

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