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Jay Alexander

A Master Magician and comic, Jay Alexander is one of the top corporate and society entertainers in the entire country. His most notable appearances include the Today Show, TEDx Talks, MTV, Good Morning America and many other morning shows.

While Jay has performed for many society events and noted entertainer’s own private shows, he is best known for creating customized shows for America’s most powerful Fortune 500 companies.

Jay Alexander experience

In contrast to Jay Alexander’s two decades of corporate entertainment experience, he also is instrumental in producing original magical events and packed houses for fundraisers that support the arts and music programs in local schools. Jay has raised over $100,000 for school enrichment programs.

Jay Alexander is the great grandson of the legendary vaudeville performer, Gentleman Ben Darwin. As a child, Jay found a trunk in his grandparent’s attic that was filled with magical apparatus and escape illusions. His interest in magic was born with this discovery.

Jay Alexander award

At the age of fourteen, Jay was honored to be the youngest recipient of the Society of American Magicians Gold Medal of Honor. For over 25 years, Jay Alexander has pursued his passion of creating unique live entertainment by mystifying audiences young and old with miraculous effects of the mind and the hands.

Engage your Audience

Taking audiences on a non-stop journey of laughter and amazement is the hallmark of Jay Alexander’s shows. With over 25 years of corporate and society experience, his unique blend of comedy, magic and mind reading contribute to repeated bookings from clients. And his client list ranges from celebrities like the Rolling Stones, U2, Danielle Steele and the Robin Williams family to Fortune 100 companies like Apple, Google, Bank of America, HP, Microsoft and Wells Fargo.

The Celebrity Treatment

You don’t have to be a celebrity to get the Celebrity Treatment. You can rely on Jay Alexander’s creative approach to entertainment to help you craft an after-dinner presentation your guests will remember, a product reveal like no other, or even a way for your CEO to magically appear in a puff of smoke. Jay will council you for your important input, and then create a customized, one-of-a-kind experience tailored to your event and designed to support your unique brand message.

Event Planners Love Jay Alexander

Standing Ovations! Jay always gets them. And there’s nothing more like music to the ears of an Event Planner than to know that an audience was captivated by a unique, memorable and fun show by a consummate professional. On the business side of event entertainment, Event Planners feel confident in booking Jay Alexander because he is easy to work with, he understands the social graces of corporate culture, and he provides fine attention to detail.

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